Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Fun

We had such a busy, but fun weekend. We went to Branson to visit Beau's parents and have some fun. Friday night, my family and Beau's family went to see the new show at the Sight and Sound Theater. It was called the Miracle of Christmas, and it was so good. Aubrie got to go, but Kirk didn't. He stayed with Nana. (Thank you Nana for watching Kirk for us! Love you!) Aubrie loved the show. She does have a hard time sitting still, but she managed to be somewhat still and watch the show. She said her favorite part of the show was when the angels came out and when Mary had baby Jesus. I think Aubrie learned a lot about the Christmas story and what Christmas is really about. Here are some pictures of us while at the show. Of course, I couldn't take pictures of the actual show, but here is what I was able to take.

Me, Aubrie, and Beau

The theater

Mimi and Aubrie
Me and Aubrie

Aubrie sitting on the stage before the show

The next day we went to Silver Dollar City. It was the most perfect day. The weather the beautiful and we had so much fun. Aubrie rode all of her favorite rides, and Kirk rode his very first ride ever! He rode the frogs, and he didn't love it or hate it. It was still cute to watch him bouncing along. What he enjoyed the most, though, was pushing his stroller all around. Of course I took some pictures in front of the fall decorations. Kirk isn't in any of them because he wasn't there yet. He came later with Nana and Papa after he woke up from his nap.

Aubrie with Kirk on his first ride ever!
The kids with mommy.

Beau and Kirk
Kirk pushing his stroller.

Saturday night, we took Aubrie to a fall carnival at a church in the Branson area. She didn't go trick or treating, but got to jump on blow up things, slide down slides and play games to get candy. She had so much fun, and ran around like a crazy person the whole night. She just wore herself out, but had so much fun doing it. We didn't go all out on her costume. I wanted her to wear something that would be easy for her to play in and not something that would get in her way. She didn't mind at all.

Look closely at Aubrie's face as she is being pulled back. So funny!

Getting her face painted. Of course she chose a Hog!

Being silly!


  1. you all seem to do a lot of fun family activities awesome for your kids!

  2. Your little girl is sooo cute! And I really want to see the show at Sight & Sound...I heard it was fabulous.